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Harley-Davidson: Everything You Need to Know, Owners Manual & Harley Davidson Buyer's Guide, Harley Davidson Performance, Harley Davidson Maintenance

Harley-Davidson: Everything You Need to Know

Owners Manual & Buyer's Guide

Author: Bill Stermer

Whether youÍre new to motorcycling, contemplating your first Harley or just coming back to AmericaÍs iconic motorcycle, this book is the only one youÍll need. From figuring out which Harley suits you to finding like-minded riders and rallies, this book has it all. It begins with the purchase, including invaluable information on choosing the right model for your needs.

Then the book covers every aspect of Harley ownership, from maintaining your bike to boosting performance, from choosing your riding gear to planning and packing for a trip. Also included are tips on learning how to ride, personalizing and customizing your bike, and aftermarket options, even a brief primer on Harley-Davidson lore and history.

Format: Softbound, 160 Pages, Length: 8.25 w x 10.63 h